Do Money Lenders Offer Loans With No Credit Check?

Man trying to improve bad credit score and get a loan from money lenders with no credit check

The big question: Do money lenders offer loans with no credit check? The short answer is no, but that doesn’t automatically rule you out as a candidate for a loan. Having a bad credit score can hurt your loan applications especially when you are applying for one from a bank. Unfortunately, there’s little you can […]

Do Licensed Money Lenders Offer Debt Consolidation Plans?

A debt consolidation form provided by money lender in Singapore

Is a debt consolidation plan available at every money lender? What is a debt consolidation plan and how does it work? Can I still borrow money if I have multiple existing debts? Do licensed money lenders offer debt consolidation plans? If you find yourself wondering about such questions, you have come to the right place. […]

Do Money Lenders Offer Loans To Foreigners In Singapore?

Stressed foreigner looking at bill, thinking of going to a money lender to take out a foreigner loan in Singapore

Singapore has a large expatriate population that contributes to the nation’s unique multicultural character. The financial needs of this large group have led to the growth of a flourishing foreigner loan industry. It is no wonder that licensed money lenders are also offering loans for foreigners in Singapore; banks aren’t the only option. As it […]

How To Choose A Reliable Licensed Money Lender In Singapore

Man researching and choosing reliable licensed money lender in Singapore

Taking out a loan can be a useful way to deal with large or unexpected costs, but it’s important to be aware of common traps and how you can avoid them to protect yourself and your family. For starters, there are plenty of licensed money lenders that offer legal loans in Singapore. On the flip […]

Can Legal Money Lenders in Singapore Compete With Loan Sharks?

Man borrowing from a loan shark in Singapore

Splashes of red paint across someone’s front door. Obscene messages smeared on walls or across a vehicle. Threats, intimidation, and acts of violence. These are not fictitious scenarios but real incidents of loan shark harassment reported in the news, even recently. Welcome to the world of loan sharks in Singapore. Loan sharks, known colloquially as […]