6 overlooked business costs and when to consider a loan

Man pushing towards minimum business cost when considering a loan.

Dealing with financial challenges is par for the course when running a small business, even for the most well-equipped entrepreneurs. Keeping track of the expected costs is hard enough, but there are so many unexpected expenses that can catch you off guard. Navigating these costs is key to growing and sustaining a successful business, so […]

Is it important that we have multiple streams of income?

Stocks, investments and savings are important to have multiple stream of income.

When it comes to multiple streams of income, many Singaporeans prefer it. But we don’t act as if we need it. The typical Singaporeans is quite content to rely on a single employer, to meet all their financial aspirations and goals. However, this isn’t just limiting – it can even be dangerous. Here are some […]

7 ways to finance your business

Business women thinking of ways to finance loans in Singapore.

Are you thinking of leaving the rat race and starting your own business? After all, running  your own business can offer a number of advantages – higher income potential, no nasty bosses to deal with, working in your own time and even the likelihood that you can work while travelling. That said, starting out on […]

5 Business Loan Myths You Shouldn’t Believe in

Business owner considering choices for taking up business loans in Singapore.

More and more people are taking the risk to start their own businesses in Singapore. Starting and running a business in Singapore is not an easy task. Other than having to deal with global economic uncertainty, getting the right credit to fund your business can be challenging as well. Taking up a business loan is […]

Is using an overdraft for your business needs a good idea?

Happy man with cash

Most businesses would require financing at some point in their life cycle, whether that’s to get capital to get the business started, to push through a rough patch or finance an expansion. There are many options out there to provide the cash even if securing the money doesn’t always come easy. The variety of financing […]