The Best Credit Loan Company May Not Boast The Lowest Rates

A woman is happy to have found the best credit loan company for her needs

While most of us will gear towards the cheapest personal loan in Singapore when we’re narrowing down our loan options, the loan with the lowest interest rate may not necessarily be the best option for every individual. When it comes to choosing a loan provider, it pays to consider a range of factors beyond just […]

5 Things To Know About Private Money Lenders Interest Rates

Old couple comparing private money lenders interest rates in Singapore

Looking to borrow from a licensed money lender but are afraid of the extra charges? Contrary to popular belief, it is illegal for a licensed private money lender in Singapore to charge extremely high interest rates. Licensed money lenders are regulated by the Ministry of Law, and must follow the set guidelines on interest rates, […]

Do Money Lenders Offer Loans With No Credit Check?

Man trying to improve bad credit score and get a loan from money lenders with no credit check

The big question: Do money lenders offer loans with no credit check? The short answer is no, but that doesn’t automatically rule you out as a candidate for a loan. Having a bad credit score can hurt your loan applications especially when you are applying for one from a bank. Unfortunately, there’s little you can […]

Do Money Lenders Offer Loans To Foreigners In Singapore?

Stressed foreigner looking at bill, thinking of going to a money lender to take out a foreigner loan in Singapore

Singapore has a large expatriate population that contributes to the nation’s unique multicultural character. The financial needs of this large group have led to the growth of a flourishing foreigner loan industry. It is no wonder that licensed money lenders are also offering loans for foreigners in Singapore; banks aren’t the only option. As it […]

7 Ways To Spot Legal Lenders From Illegal Money Lenders (SG)

Couple worried about finances, trying to differentiate illegal money lenders in Singapore from licensed money lenders as they contemplate getting a loan

At some point in your life, you may face situations where you need urgent cash or a fast loan. During such circumstances, you may resort to taking a loan from a money lender instead of a bank due to various reasons. The great thing about taking a private, legal loan in Singapore is you’re protected […]