Bukit Panjang in Malay means “a long spread of hill”, which is used to describe the low hills stretching from Mandai to Bukit Timah. It is a residential town located in the west region of Singapore. Bukit Panjang is a quieter town compared to older estates like Toa Payoh and Ang Mo Kio due to its lower population, but it has seen some major developments over the years.

This quiet little town, formerly known as Zhenghua estate, is quaint and consists of old and new apartments. It has all the basic and modern amenities such as shopping malls and recreational facilities.

Bukit Panjang New Town is a relatively new hub of housing estate that is rapidly gaining popularity with new housing projects popping up around MRT and LRT stations. It is also near to the 414 hectares Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, which makes Bukit Panjang a lucrative residential home well connected to an integrated public transportation system, amenities and nature.

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