Young and in debt – 5 foolish mistakes you need to stop making

Tips to stop accumulating debt and start saving in Singapore.

For most of us in Singapore, our first encounter with debt could be the small amount of money we’ve borrowed from a close friend when out allowances fell short of an impulsive splurge. While that’s nothing serious, it could be the basis of a bad habit that could affect your life ahead negatively. In terms […]

5 Effective ways to stop spending compulsively

Multiple shopping bags and parcels into shopping cart in Singapore.

Do you find that you spend a huge amount of time online, shopping for things to buy even if you didn’t want to purchase anything specific? Do you find yourself walking the aisles of shopping malls after work or over the weekend, mindlessly spending on little items that you don’t really need? You could be […]

Personal Loan vs Credit Card: Which one suits your purpose?

Two people considering to pay off debt with either credit card or personal loans.

Credit cards and personal loans are pretty similar in their purpose. They are both types of credit that require a monthly repayment. However, they can differ substantially in their features and fees charged. This is why it is important to consider how you want to use them in order to choose the best one suited […]

7 Signs your debt is out of control

Falling man in debt surrounded by breaking coins and decreasing stocks.

Do you know that Singapore possess the highest debt-to-GDP ratio in Asia? Put it in simple terms, the country borrows a lot of money. Are we,however in a crisis? Interestingly, no. Singapore has always gotten a high credit rating from credit rating agencies – the reason is that the money is borrowed to invest, not […]

5 Ways Credit Cards Help You Save Money

Three people using different types of credit cards to save money in Singapore.

Credit cards often get a bad rep but they can really work to your advantage if you are savvy and responsible in the way you utilise your cards. Having good credit card habits (e.g. paying your bills in full punctually every month) is instrumental in making sure that you stand to benefit most from what […]