A mixed development area, Bugis is famous for its diverse shopping options, rich history and multicultural streets of art. Bugis is a prime destination for tourists to check out in Singapore. Bugis underwent a major urban redevelopment in the mid-1980s, when, what used to be back-alley roadside vendors, had to start heeding regulations and share their space with new shopping malls and restaurants. Today, the original Bugis Street is now a cobblestoned, relatively wide avenue sandwiched between the buildings of the Bugis Junction shopping complex. More than a shopping and artistic district, you can find licensed money lenders in Bugis as well.

Bugis Money Lenders

Looking for a licensed money lender in the eastern vicinity of Singapore, specifically the Bugis area? Our team of experts can help you narrow down your choices for licensed money lenders with our carefully curated list.

With a saturated market of licensed money lenders around the Bugis district, finding the one that matches your unique needs can be a tough decision to make. We consider not only your financial needs, but also accessibility, convenience and ease of use when offering you options to pick from. Before you decide on a loan provider, it helps to consider all your financial alternatives, the amount you’d like to loan and what are the convenient repayment durations you can afford.

How to apply for a loan?

Applying for a loan is easy with our website. Simply submit your details on our online form on the right to get a quote, personalised to your needs, from a licensed money lender within the Bugis area.

Unsure about the legal terms and conditions? An interview will be scheduled with your chosen money lender prior to any commitments you make. The CompareSing team will work closely with you to ensure that all your terms are satisfactory.

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