Newton is a bustling town located within the Central Area of Singapore’s city center. Named after British engineer Howard Newton, the prime residential district is now home to some of the most exclusive architecture and development. More than a mere residential enclave, it is conveniently bordered by town centres like Orchard, Tanglin and Novena. Being at the heart of the city and its rapid development, the Newton Area has everything both locals and expats require – money lenders included.

Licensed Money Lenders in the Newton Area

With the increasing number of reports of unlicensed money lenders and scammers parading as registered loan providers, many civilians have been deceived into providing confidential information, only to become victims of loan scams. Bearing in mind these unlawful practices, CompareSing only partners with licensed loan providers.

Loan scams aside, with multiple loan providers in Singapore, narrowing down to the right money lender with favourable contractual terms can be overwhelming. Having curated a list of registered money lenders across Singapore, CompareSing makes this search hassle-free, especially if you are looking for one in the central area of Singapore.

Our list of money lenders is legitimate and highly reviewed. You can rest assured that the terms of the contract, including repayment schedule and interest rates, will be fully disclosed. Therefore, whether you are considering taking up personal or business loans, on our platform, you will be able to evaluate and compare different quotes from different money lenders in the Newton area before making a decision.

Finding the Right Money Lender

If you have considered all financial alternatives and decided that taking a loan will meet your financial needs, CompareSing simplifies the search for you. Simply, submit your details and receive quotations from a licensed money lender in the Newton area. If still unsure of the terms and conditions of the loan, an interview will be scheduled with your chosen money lender prior to any legal commitment. Our team will work closely with you to ensure all terms are satisfactory, and you receive your cash loan upon finalisation. For more information on various loan types, feel free to consult us.