Orchard Road is Singapore’s retail heart, with discount outlets, department stores and upscale boutiques alongside luxury hotels. Emerald Hill Road is a mix of colorful Chinese baroque houses and casual pubs, while al fresco bars and eateries can be found along Cuppage Terrace. Just ten minutes away, the Newton Food Centre is a popular foodie hub, offering everything from barbecued seafood and roasted meats to traditional desserts. From delectable restaurants to prime shopping spots, Orchard Road is quite possibly Singapore’s favourite hotspot for tourists and locals alike.

The area is not without its benefits in facilities and services. Residents living in Orchard can comfortably engage housekeeping, shopping and even licensed money lenders for their everyday needs.

Orchard Licensed Money Lender

If you’re looking for licensed money lenders in the bustling Orchard area, you’ve come to the right place.

At CompareSing, we recognise and understand the various financial pressures that you may face. Whether it’s buying a new house, repaying student loans or medical bills, our list of licensed money lenders in and around Orchard will be capable of helping you tide over. With a wide range of loan providers in the market, finding one with the agreeable terms, processing fees and interest rates can quickly become an arduous process.

Our team of professionals can help you narrow down your choices and help you list suitable money lenders near your residence in Orchard.

Before you pick a money lender, consider the following questions:

  1. How much of a loan do you need?
  2. What is a suitable instalment amount for your repayment needs?
  3. Is this the best interest rate you can afford?

Finding The Right Money Lender For You

With our online process, finding the right money lender in the Orchard district is an easy one. Simply fill up our online form on the right to get a quote.

Our list of money lenders in Orchard as well as other areas in Singapore offer a wide range of loan types, including personal and business loans. For more information on the various loan types, reach out to our team today.