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An extreme wide shot of buildings, greenery, and busy roads in the heart of Geylang

Geylang is a small town located on the eastern fringe of central Singapore. Surrounding it are Hougang and Toa Payoh in the north, Marine Parade in the south, Bedok in the east, and Kallang in the west. Geylang is probably most notoriously known for being Singapore’s red-light district. However, it is also one of Singapore’s oldest Malay settlements, where Geylang Serai is.

In the maps during the early days, Geylang was known as Gaylang or Gelang, meaning “anklet” in the Malay language. In an 1849 map, it also suggests the presence of a large coconut plantation in the area. There are also mentions of Pulo Gelang (Geylang Island) and Geylang village, which had disappeared with the landfills during the time when Kallang Basin was being reclaimed.

Despite having a reputation of being one of Singapore’s grittiest neighbourhoods, Geylang is still an immensely popular commercial and residential area. Ask any Geylang resident or Singaporean and they can easily point you to its exciting food and cultural scene.

In recent years, Geylang has easily become one of the most vibrant neighborhoods in Singapore and is home to the iconic Geylang Serai Market where annual bazaars take place during the month of Ramadan. It is no doubt that Geylang is the heart of Singapore’s ethnic Malays and one of the rare places where the kampong spirit remains alive.

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An extreme wide shot of buildings, greenery, and busy roads in the heart of Geylang

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