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Upper Serangoon Road after viaduct to Hougang

Hougang is a vibrant and mature estate in the North-East area in Singapore. Before it was speckled with numerous Built-To-Order flats, the estate was once a large area of forested land with pig farms and villages, colloquially known as kampongs. Interestingly, the last kampong in Singapore, Kampong Lorong Buangkok, is merely a 10-minute drive from Hougang.

Hougang has plenty of shopping malls in the precinct, namely Hougang Mall, Heartland Mall, The Midtown, Hougang Green Shopping Mall, Sengkang Grand Mall, Hougang 1, Upper Serangoon Shopping Centre, Kang Sar Mall, and Buangkok Square Shopping Mall.. It is also a convenient area to live in for it comprises amenities like bus interchanges, MRT stations, a sports hall and more.

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A shot of two man waiting by the Pedestrian Crossing at Hougang Central

How To Apply For A Loan From An Hougang Money Lender?

There are certain tips to getting a legal loan you should definitely know about, from checking your credit score to determining the loan amount you can borrow. Most of the licensed money lenders in Hougang offer a wide variety of loans from personal to business loans. Simply fill out our online form to get quotes from highly-reviewed licensed money lenders in Hougang.

For more information on other types of loans, reach out to us.