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Small neighbourhood Zhongshan mall in Balestier area

Balestier, well known for its sugar cane plantations and stores packed with sweet and savoury treats, is a region with a taste of history. Balestier Road tells a story that dates back almost 180 years and has witnessed Singapore’s transformation from a British trading post to a modern city today. It is also where the 1911 Chinese Revolution hatched and where classic Malay films were shot.

Similar to many areas in Singapore, Balestier Road acquired many names as different communities settled in the neighbourhood over the years. The road is named after Joseph Balestier, the first American Consul to Singapore and the owner of a sugar cane estate.

Back in 1904, Balestier Road was also known as “or kio”, which means “black bridge” in Hokkien. It is said that Balestier derived its Hokkien name from a dark wooden bridge spanning Sungei Whampoa (Whampoa River) between Ah Hood Road and Toa Payoh, near the Thomson Road end of Balestier in the past.

Today, Singaporeans visit Balestier Road for delicious chicken rice and bak kut teh, and some come to find a wide selection of goods to light up their homes. Balestier has definitely stood the test of time, where coffee was and still is brewed traditionally, where residents and Singaporeans from all walks of life enjoy simple conversations over freshly baked bread and traditional confectionery.

Balestier is indeed a colorful town filled with rich history and residents who have witnessed the growth and development of their estate.

24-hours Balestier market bustling with residents

Money Lenders In The Heart Of Balestier

For residents in Balestier in need of a safe and fuss-free personal or business loan, look no further. At CompareSing, we provide a one-stop platform for individuals and business owners to compare personal and business loans from Balestier money lenders efficiently. You can get access to our wide network of licensed money lenders for your every loan need.

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Things To Consider

Before taking out personal or business loans from any Balestier money lender, it is important to consider your loan amount and your ability to repay it. Although personal loans are unsecured and have generally lower interest rates compared to credit cards, it is ultimately your responsibility to repay it on time. Also, you should only consider taking out a loan for emergencies.

If you are ready to apply for a loan, here are some simple criteria to meet:

  • Be between 18 to 65 years of age
  • Be employed full-time with monthly CPF contribution


For Singaporeans and PRs:

  • Provide proof of identity such as your NRIC or passport, and Singpass login credentials to check your monthly CPF contributions and NOA


For foreigners in Singapore:

  • Provide proof of employment such as your employment contract, work permit, S Pass or E Pass
  • Provide proof of residency such as tenancy agreement and utility bills addressed to you as the applicant
  • Provide proof of income showing your latest 3 months payslips