We have all been there.

With only a week left till payday, you are drowning in credit card debts and mortgage loans. You tried your best to request for late payment, but alas, you are given the ultimatum: either pay up now or pay the penalty. What should you do?

This is where CompareSing can lend a helping hand.

Our innovative platform is your one-stop online directory for loans. From payday to medical loans, you can find money lenders and their rates with just the click of a button.

Whether you are based in Jurong East or Bishan, our platform seeks to get you in touch with our extensive network of authorised money lenders. With easy access to rates and loan types across a broad range of money lenders, you can make the most economical choice.

Find Loans in Singapore’s West Region

If there is one neighbourhood in the west of Singapore that has all the essential amenities from shopping malls, swimming complexes and community centres all within walking distance, it is Jurong East.

Not only is Jurong East a thriving region, but travelling throughout the neighbourhood is easy thanks to the various transportation options available. Thanks to our intricate platform, you can find licensed money lenders in the region in just a matter of seconds!

Rest assured that all money lenders within our network are legal. Choose from vacation to credit card loans and plenty more! All within reasonable rates.

How Do I Get Information about Loans?

It’s simple, all you need to do is use our platform. Indicate your name, contact number, email, type of loan and average income. Our system will generate a list of money lenders with the services and loans you require.

Should you have any concerns, feel free to contact us.