Katong is a residential neighbourhood that boasts plenty of heritage buildings like the sleek colonial bungalows and colourful quaint shophouses. The area’s rich Peranakan history and culture are well preserved in exhibits at the Eurasian Heritage Centre and in casual eateries around the precinct that serve up the traditional fare like spicy laksa noodles.

Katong Licensed Money Lender

Looking for a money lender in the eastern part of Singapore, particularly around the Katong region? Let us guide you through!

There are a number of money lenders with a legal license all over the district – finding the right one can be challenging. At CompareSing, we help you narrow down your choices based on your financial needs, not forgetting the ease of accessibility so you can drop by a loan office near your home or workplace in Katong.

We have put together a list of highly-reviewed Singapore-registered money lenders in Katong you can consider. Before settling on the choice of loan provider, ask yourself the following:

  1. How much do you need to loan?
  2. What is a convenient repayment duration and an affordable instalment amount?
  3. How much interest rate can you afford?

How to apply

With that, you can fill up our online form on the right to get a quote from a licensed money lender within Katong. A suitable loan provider will get in touch with you within minutes. Upon making your decision, schedule an interview with the loan provider to discuss the loan amount, processing fees and interest rates, and enquire on any additional or late payment fees. Once you have finalised your loan amount and are agreeable to the terms and conditions laid out by the loan officer, you can receive your cash loan on the spot.

Most money lenders in Katong and the rest of Singapore can provide a range of loans such as personal loans and business loans. However, specific requests such as to consolidate all your debt like credit card dues and other pending payments to your creditors can only be attended to by accredited financial institutions. For more information on these, reach out to us!